The Minimum Wage Debate

“The reality is that to pay people more money, businesses have to raise costs across the board. If a worker makes more, but their expenses rise as well, what good has been accomplished?

In addition, the Congressional Budget Office has stated that the benefits of a minimum wage increase accrue mostly to people who are not in poverty. Just 19 percent of the benefits of a $10.10 minimum wage would accrue to those in poverty, and that only 40 percent of workers who earn within 25 cents per hour of the minimum wage work full-time. They also state that 500,000 jobs would be lost if the minimum wage was raised over 10 dollars.

All of these feel-good bills mask the true problem, and that is that Delaware’s economy has driven out all of the good middle-class jobs, and the jobs that have replaced them have all been at the low end of the pay scale. So to mask their failure to develop the conditions for a solid economy, efforts like these are all that remain.”

Follow this link to The Delaware State News for the full article. 

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