Delaware Senate Approves $10.25 Minimum Wage

“We have a lot of people taking votes and making votes who have never had to look at a payroll,” said Sen. Dave Lawson, R-Marydel. “We should not continue to set upon the entrepreneur and the businesses that provide jobs in this state. You’re running them out of the state.”

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Time To Protect Delawareans Is Now

“At various times of my life, I have taken oaths — as a Boy Scout, when I joined the U.S. military, when I became a Delaware State Trooper and again each time that I have been elected to public office. These oaths have never been recalled, nor have they ever expired. I believe that I took those oaths for life.

When we were elected as public servants for the people of Delaware, we took oaths to protect this state and country. It is time that “We the People” hold each and every elected official to that oath.”

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Lawson: State Not Tough Enough On Crime

“And this is the issue. And until we get the prosecution and these people put away, we would continue to put our cops’ lives in danger, we will continue to put our people in Wilmington in danger. This is not a police function, this is a prosecutor function and it is failing miserably.”

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Budget Debate Will Center On Health Care and Schools

“It’s going to be a hard sell. It’s going to require some real hard decisions, and it’s going to take some real backbone to do it,” said Sen. Dave Lawson, R-Marydel, who sits on the Joint Finance Committee. “But absolutely we have to do something. And I think his health savings account plan is a good start.”

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Senator Lawson on the 2016 State of the State Address

“I would hope the governor would acknowledge that we have significant long-term liabilities that need addressing. Also, we need to look out for our small business owners and the jobs they create. But our first priority, as always, is protecting the safety and security of Delawareans.” Sen. Dave Lawson, R-Marydel

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